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The articles produced by SELVA PIERMARIO Srl can be used in the widest range of fields: in the industry of electrical household appliances, household goods and bar and shop furnishings.


SELVA PIERMARIO Srl produces at the present time:

  • Internal grids (for ovens, for household appliances, for cupboard partitions)
  • external protection grids
  • Baskets
  • Display racks (standing, counter, wall)
  • Accessories for shop furnishing and for large distributors
  • Accessories for bar machines (grinders, cappuccinatori, hot water generator tube coils, tube fittings)
  • Household accessories (oil and vinegar holders, napkin holders, paper roll holders and saucepan trivets)


The company produces grids of different sizes and shapes, flat (maximum sizes 2300 x 1000mm) or three dimensional. The material used can be either carbon steel FE37 or stainless steel aisi 304 o aisi 316. The grids undergo finishing procedures as specified by the customer.


The company can do cutting, bending, forming and drilling operations on small stainless steel tubes for pharma and food industries.
Thanks to our NC centers and lathes we can do a series of wire technical articles that require turning, willing, drilling, threading and edge/end forming.


The company produces baskets of various shapes and sizes. It is almost impossible to list how many and what type of baskets have been produced since the beginning of our activity, as there is such a variety of appliances that consider wire the ideal solution. The following are standard products: baskets for cooking fried potatoes and steamed vegetables, dishwasher baskets and industrial holders for modular kitchens, large baskets that can be stacked for shops and sale points.


The company produces coffee, salt and pepper grinders.



The company produces counter, standing and wall display racks, fixed or revolving. The advertising display racks can be used in many fields: flower nurseries, food industries, wide-scale distributors, stationary shops and beauticians.